Chelsea Manning 12 :: vocabulary quiz

• anonymous

1: severe snowstorm

• blizzard

2: short section of text, film, piece of music etc

• dilemma

3: military group made up of members of the civilian population

• disclose

4: (adjective for) piece of writing, music etc whose author is unknown

• distant

5: someone who loves their country and is willing to suffer or die for it

• document

6: unreal situation, imagined for purposes of theory, argument etc

• domestic

7: very short and unclear view of something

• embrace

8: used (or kept) at home (adjective)

• excerpt

9: choice between two alternatives, both unsatisfactory

• glimpse

10: be more important than other factors or considerations

• hypothetical

11: unable to escape from a difficult, complicated situation; stuck

• insurgency

12: put your arms around someone affectionately, hug

• militia

13: good feeling coming from getting through something you were worried about

• mired

14: uprising or rebellion

• outweigh

15: someone who harms their country by helping its enemy

• patriot

16: unfriendly

• prompt

17: piece of information telling you what to do next (on computer etc)

• relief

18: reveal, make public

• sanitize

19: clean, remove from data anything that might show its source

• traitor

20: provide confirming or verifying information, back up