Chelsea Manning 11 :: vocabulary quiz

• acronym

1: a place where things are stored

• acute

2: detect or point out a difference between one thing and another

• brief

3: headquarters for soldiers; place where soldiers are stationed

• classify

4: information that according to army or government must be kept secret

• combat

5: extreme

• log

6: abbreviated name made up of the first letters of several words

• compile

7: get back something you have lost or which has been taken from you

• deploy

8: make a digital copy of

• back up

9: area (often marked off or fenced)

• distinguish

10: send troops somewhere for purposes of military action

• garrison

11: room or other living space — especially for soldiers or servants

• improvise

12: a summary of a situation given to superior officers

• oath

13: ability to do something or become something in the future

• potential

14: a formal promise (of loyalty etc)

• quarters

15: fight, battle

• repository

16: collect, gather together (facts, information, etc)

• retrieve

17: make something from whatever is available instead of using proper materials

• sensitive

18: record of activities or events

• store

19: put something away in a safe place

• zone

20: categorize information as secret