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secretly and without permission looking at a persons private belongings, documents, etcetera

written communications from one person to another (letters, e-mails etcetera)

love affair:
a sexual and romantic relationship between two people who are not married to one another

a married person who has a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than their husband or wife is being “unfaithful”

get going:

officially accused in a court

makes all the difference:
changes the situation completely

• conversation activities for ‘His Wife’s E-mail’

story exchange guide

1: make groups of three or four

2: decide who is going to be A, who B, and who C. (In a four-person group there will be a c1 and a c2.)

3: A, tell the others in your group a story about someone you know who had a love affair and who was caught when their spouse did some snooping. (The story should come from your own experience or the experience of someone you know well.)

4: B, repeat A’s story.

5: C (or C1 and C2), ask A questions about his or her story.

6: A becomes C (or C2), B becomes A etcetera and everything is repeated.

conversation guide 1

Use the following ideas to get going on a conversation about the story.

-it’s always wrong to snoop into another person’s correspondence or private papers — even your spouse’s when you suspect they’re being unfaithful to you.

-if you think someone is doing something wrong or harmful it’s all right to snoop on them

-snooping is bad in general, but there’s nothing wrong with snooping into someone’s e-mail. If they want to keep something secret, they shouldn’t discuss it in an e-mail.

- snooping is always wrong even if it’s being done to prevent someone from doing harm, but that doesn’t mean that it should be considered a crime. With very few exceptions what a person does in their own home, even if it’s wrong, should not be illegal.

- Leon Walker should not be charged with a crime because he did what he did to protect a child. The fact that a child was involved makes all the difference in this case.