Satyendra Dubey :: vocabulary quiz

• alter

1: person who works at low-level desk job in business or government

• award

2: place where something is ground into very small pieces

• backward

3: large business

• bid

4: watch lower-level workers to make sure they’re doing a good job

• clerk

5: planned activity with a definite purpose; long, complicated ‘job’

• conscientious

6: businessman who agrees to do a job for a price, especially a building job

• contractor

7: hard working, honest, following moral principles

• corporation

8: demand something, ask again and again, “refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer“

• disillusioned

9: having lost a belief or hope because of a bad experience

• forge

10: say how much money you would charge to do a job if you were given it

• insist

11: something you are given because you have done something good, (a prize

• mill

12: sign someone else’s name without permission (on a letter or a document)

• pressure

13: change

• project

14: earth, what plants grow in

• risk

15: a small piece of something used for testing etc.

• sample

16: piece of metal or wood with hole;makes sharp noise when you blow

• soil

17: being pushed or forced by something

• submit

18: chance of something bad happening

• supervise

19: not modern, not technologically up-to-date

• whistle

20: send or give by hand, officially, to government, boss, teacher etc.