Satyendra Dubey :: multiple choice quiz

(1) When Satyendra phoned his driver from the station, the driver told him

his car had no gasoline

his car’s battery had run down

his car had been stolen

his car had been in an accident

(2) When Satyendra went to inspect highway projects in Koderma he


was driven by his driver

got a ride with one of the truck drivers working on the road

rode his bicycle

(3) Some of the road-building work was not being done with up-to-date equipment because

no up-to-date equipment was available

the contractors who were given the job had been lying about what equipment they had

the contractors were worried about damaging their expensive equipment

contractors hired by the government were passing the work on to others

(4) When Satyendra was going to college in Allahabad

he lived in a large room with many other students

he lived by himself

he lived with his aunt and uncle

he lived with his parents

(5) Although the police did not agree, Satyendra’s friends thought he had been murdered by


a rickshaw driver



(6) Satyendra went to work for the Indian goverment instead of a big corporation because

he thought he could make more money that way

he wanted to to do something for his country

there were no jobs available at the big corporations

he had friends in high places in the government

(7) The day before he was killed Satyendra had gone to

a wedding

a funeral

a football game

a meeting with some contractors

(8) Satyendra didn't sign the letter he sent to the Prime Minister because

he didn’t want the Prime Minister to know who he was

he didn’t want his name to be published in a newspaper

sending a letter to the Prime Minister was against the rules

he knew the letter might be shown to other people