Michael Lee :: vocabulary quiz

• bucket

1: done in an organized, logical, inexpensive way (not wasting time or money)

• charge

2: a ‘win’

• cocaine

3: end of disagreement; payment made so lawsuit doesn’t go to court

• deduct

4: accuse, officially, of committing a crime

• deposit

5: large bag, usually made of cloth

• efficient

6: common animal in North American cities, long tail,comes out at night

• enslave

7: put something somewhere (for example, put money in a bank)

• field

8: small truck for carrying light loads

• labor

9: several people donate their money to buy something together

• mattress

10: poison put on plants to protect them from insects, etc.

• pesticide

11: round, container (open-topped with handle) for carrying water etc.

• pool

12: device at end of pipe for turning water on and off

• prosperous

13: soft object for sleeping on (put on bed or floor)

• raccoon

14: subtract (from a paycheck etc.)

• sack

15: addictive drug (made from leaves of plant)

• settlement

16: ‘home’ for homeless people; place where people are protected from weather

• shelter

17: work; workers (especially those who work with their hands)

• tap

18: enclosed area of land, especially on farm

• van

19: wealthy, rich

• victory

20: take someone’s freedom away and force them to work without pay