Gabriela Byrne :: vocabulary quiz

• access

1: a narrow space or hole; often for putting money into a machine

• coin

2: readings or exercises used in classroom; anything used for building

• compulsive

3: way a person’s face looks (showing how he or she feels)

• confident

4: long narrow object used to operate machine or for lifting

• counselling

5: ability to get something or to enter some place

• cure

6: professional giving of advice or helping someone with their problems

• expression

7: bring a disease to an end through treatment of some kind

• gamble

8: meeting, especially one in a series of similar meetings

• hooked

9: connected with (working or spending time with) someone or something

• install

10: not being used, extra

• involved

11: control

• lever

12: bet money in the hope of winning more money

• material

13: ‘caught’ by an addiction

• minister

14: feeling certain you will succeed; not nervous or frightened

• regulate

15: put something into place and get it working (appliances, software etc.)

• resist

16: metal money

• session

17: employee of Christian church (leads religious services and cermonies)

• shameful

18: fight against something ‘attacking’ you (person, disease, dangerous desire)

• slot

19: activity you can’t stop even though you it’s bad for you

• spare

20: something you feel is wrong and you feel guilty about doing