Gabriela Byrne :: multiple choice quiz

(1) On the day Gabriela started gambling again, when she finally got home, she

phoned her husband and screamed at him

lay down on the kitchen floor and cried

tried to kill herself with a kitchen knife

knelt on the kitchen floor and prayed

(2) Gabriela and her husband tried to stop Gabriela’s gambling by

asking the casinos not to let Gabriela in

going to church more regularly and praying for help

finding Gabriela a job selling cosmetics in the evenings

preventing Gabriela from taking money out of the bank

(3) After a year of counselling by her minister, Gabriela

felt no urge to gamble

felt a reduced urge to gamble

felt an even greater urge to gamble

felt her urge to gamble had not changed

(4) The first day Gabriela played the pokies

she had decided to quit her job and needed extra money

a friend had told her about how much she could win

she enjoyed watching the flashing lights while she ate her lunch

she had spent the morning looking for a present for her children

(5) After she finally escaped her addiction, Gabriela

became a church minister

became active in the anti-gambling movement

became a high-school teacher

became a member of the Australian government

(6) On the day Gabriela started gambling again, she left the pub and went to a casino

because she didn’t have any more money

because she was afraid her sister-in-law would find her if she stayed longer

because the jackpots in the put weren’t big enough

because she was too well known in the pub

(7) Gabriela joined a group of compulsive gamblers who

operated their own casino at a secret location

attempted to help each other control their habit

went to the pokies with one another after their meetings

invited church ministers to talk to them

(8) When Gabriela went to a pub after shopping for a present she

thought she might gamble a little

was sure she wasn’t going to gamble at all

knew she was going to spend the rest of the day gambling

was testing herself