Francis Bok :: vocabulary quiz

• adventure

1: someone who has definitely decided to do something despite any difficulties

• basket

2: copy the behaviour of another person

• cattle

3: metal weapon, like a long knife with a sharp point at end

• determined

4: small container for carrying things, often made of straw, usually with handle

• divide

5: animal similar to horse, but smaller; often used to carry loads

• donkey

6: a surprise attack

• emulate

7: hold something so it ‘goes’ in the direction of another thing (toward it)

• gather

8: separate into two or more sections

• gesture

9: on horse’s back for rider to sit on

• herd

10: long, narrow piece of wood that can be held in person’s hand

• missing

11: using your hands to ‘say’ something—or to emphasize what you’re saying

• point

12: angrily tell someone (especially a child) that he or she has behaved badly

• raid

13: a small, useless or unwanted, piece of something (food, cloth etcetera)

• saddle

14: look after group of domestic animals, take them from one place to another

• scold

15: numerous cows, bulls and calves

• scrap

16: not where it’s supposed to be

• stick

17: a battle or fight; an attempt to succeed at something despite the difficulty

• struggle

18: hit a person or animal with a long, rope-like object

• sword

19: an exciting perhaps dangerous experience

• whip

20: bring together, put into one place, collect