Francis Bok :: multiple choice quiz

(1) After leaving Khartoum but before going to the US, Francis spent some time in





(2) On Giemma’s farm, Francis slept

in a small room in Giemma’s house

in a rough shelter near the animals

in a barn with the animals

on Giemma’s kitchen floor

(3) When Francis arrived at Giemma’s farm, Giemma’s children

hit him

played with him

talked to him

ignored him

(4) Francis' father was

a soldier

a farmer

a slave

a trader

(5) Francis learned Arabic because

he wanted to understand how Giemma got his power

he knew it would be useful after he escaped

he wanted to be able to talk to Giemma’s children and ask them questions

he believed it was a more important language than Dinka

(6) Francis went to the market

to sell things for his mother

to take a message to his father

to buy things for his mother

to help his friends

(7) When the raiders attacked the market, Francis

tried to escape on his donkey

tried to hide in a basket

was injured by a sword

was forced to stand in a group of children

(8) After Francis tried to escape, Giemma threatened to shoot him but didn’t because

because he felt sorry for Francis

because his wife persuaded him not to

because he was afraid he would be arrested

because Francis was a good worker