Eric Weihenmayer :: vocabulary quiz

• altitude

1: inherited (got) from parents (illness or other condition)

• ascent

2: highest point of a mountain; or as verb: get to that point

• continent

3: not the oldest

• crevasse

4: something that makes things difficult for a person

• crumbly

5: organized group, moving with a purpose (war or exploration)

• disadvantage

6: person or group who pays for something as advertiser or supporter

• donate

7: give to someone or to group (usually for a non-personal purpose)

• equipment

8: distance above sea level

• expedition

9: being far away from civilization (towns, cities, etc)

• genetic

10: tools, machines, etcetera needed to do something

• glacier

11: slowly moving ‘river’ of ice

• isolation

12: one of the main land areas of the world

• junior

13: a climb; activity of going up

• pole

14: deep crack in glacier

• slope

15: land (often used when talking about moving across it)

• sponsor

16: long narrow object: used for walking, holding up lights, wires, signs etcetera

• summit

17: temporary home or shelter made of cloth, plastic etcetera

• stage

18: point reached in progress toward some goal

• tent

19: ‘made of’ small, roughly-shaped pieces

• terrain

20: area of land (or other surface) that is not level (is going up or down)