Darlene Wagner :: vocabulary quiz

• affectionate

1: substitute, temporary

• aim

2: large hole in the ground used for animal fights or as a trap

• artificial

3: animal or person likely to attack in a violent, dangerous way; very aggressive

• ban

4: net-like covering over a window or door that allows air to pass through

• bull

5: catch your foot on something when walking or running and fall (or nearly fall)

• cast

6: raised border of road (at edge of sidewalk)

• curb

7: more than half

• fierce

8: ‘holder’ for broken bones to keep them in place while they heal

• majority

9: behaving in a loving way toward a person or animal

• muzzle

10: ‘get better’ after being hurt or sick

• pit

11: jump without warning on a person or animal (as part of an attack)

• pounce

12: something ‘man-made‘ that takes the place of something natural

• province

13: usual, normal

• recuperate

14: point something (a gun for example) in a certain direction

• regular

15: the male partner of a cow

• reputation

16: make something illegal (‘against the law’)

• relief

17: teach

• screen

18: covering for dog’s mouth to prevent it from biting

• train

19: people’s opinion of a person

• trip

20: part of a country with its own government (and usually some of its own laws)