Two Teachers 5 :: The Activity

• 1: instructor introduces activity and explains why it has been chosen.

• 2: working individually, students read through “Occupy Wall Street,” “Occupy the DOE,” (the summary) and, optionally, “About the Video.”

• 3: the instructor asks a few questions to test basic understanding and answers questions from students (to provide extra information and clear up confusion).

• 4: in groups of three, students discuss what they’ve read and heard.

• 5: if time permits and interest is sufficient, students watch all of the video, “Occupy the DOE” (1 hour, 15 minutes) [Otherwise: they watch the four segments being focussed on (see below) and any others the instructor thinks will be interesting and instructive.]

- Here is a list of the four segments and their locations in the video.

Joffer Smith 1: 51:30
Joffer Smith 2: 1:07:47

Marcelle Good 1: 30:30
Marcelle Good 2: 1:01:10

(To get to the segments, move the cursor at the bottom of the video window. It is important to pause the video before moving the cursor; if this is not done it may freeze, and, if that happens, it will be necessary to leave the page, return, and start over again.)

• 6: the first of the four segments is played again. When it is over, students are asked to write down individually what they have understood.

• 7: in groups of three again, students read each other what they’ve written, asking questions, making comments, and suggesting corrections.

• 8: the instructor, working with the whole class, takes questions on vocabulary etc. (Since students will still be working entirely from what they have heard, this is a good point to stress correct pronunciation.)

• 9: the transcript of the segment is distributed and students read it individually.(See the links to the segments below.)

• 10: in groups of three, students discuss transcript and, if they are sufficiently uninhibited, take turns “performing” some of it for each other.

• 11: steps 6-10 should be repeated, possibly in a later session, for second, third, and fourth segments

here are the links to the four transcripts: