flesl.net: overview


The owner and author of flesl.net is Forrest Lunn


Unless it is explicitly indicated otherwise, the copyright to all the contents of flesl.net is held by Forrest Lunn who hereby grants general permission to use for any non-commercial purpose.


The purpose of flesl.net is to provide free, professional-quality ESL materials to students and teachers worldwide. The site is based on the conviction that affordable educational materials should be universally available. (more...)


The core of flesl.net is a collection of forty intermediate-level readings—the “paired stories“. Each story is accompanied by a vocabulary quiz, a multiple-choice quiz and an "easy version" with an accompanying true-false quiz. There are other reading texts on a variety of subjects and, in addition, a variety of materials in other areas such as grammar, listening, and writing. (more....)


the materials are listed in nine directories Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Activities, Teaching, and Technical; there are links to these directories on the home page and in the upper "links bar" on other pages. (more...)


Some of the material on flesl.net has been available online since the autumn of 2001. The site has existed, with its current name, since the spring of 2005. A major redesign of flesl.net has been underway since early 2006. (more...)


the help of numerous people has been much appreciated. (more...)